Gift Ideas for Godparents

The role of godparents in a child's life varies with ones relationship to the baptism or christening candidates' immediate family, but traditionally, the godparents, (usually one male, one female), are chosen as representatives of the Christian faith and to assist in the infant or child's baptism ceremony.

The most important role the godparent will undertake is to help guide the child in the Christian faith, therefore, at least one godparent is suggested to be of the same faith as the child's parents, (e.g., Catholic parents would have at least one Catholic godparent).

Most find being chosen as a godparent for a baptism or christening ceremony to be a great honor and at the same time a humbling experience. During the ceremony itself, they may be asked to participate in prayer for the child and possibly recite from a prayer book. Ultimately, they will be asked to make a heartfelt promise to participate in raising the child in the Christian faith.

In order to participate in a meaningful and hopefully lifelong role in their godchild's life, the most valuable gift the godparent can give is their time and talent. After the ceremony , most godparents wish to present their godchild with a keepsake gift to commemorate the baptism. There are many choices ... a Holy Bible, Catholic rosary, possibly a ceramic or engraved silver cross. A baptism gift plaque is a unique gift that records the pertinent information of the day and can be kept as a permanent record for a lifetime. Any of the above will help make the day one to remember for the godparent and godchild alike.

Posted by E Harrell

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