Usually, the term christening takes on one of three different meanings. It can be a baptism, the baptism of an infant, or in some circles it refers to the launching and naming of a ship.

In the Christian sense, christenings occurs with younger children or infants only, unlike baptisms which can occur at any age. This of course is pursuant to religious beliefs or dogma. Pedobaptism is a term that is used in place of baptisms or christenings in certain theological circles to signify the rite being performed only to infants and small children. The practice referred to as “believer’s baptism” is also significant terminology in that it is referred to the Latin word credo (from credobaptism) meaning “I believe.”

Just as there are numerous sects of Christianity, so to are the definitions of baptism and christening. Rites or liturgies are the terminologies that are most often associated with baptisms and christenings wherein the parents bring the infant to the minister or priest in order to perform the ceremony. Typically, the baptism or christening involves the process of water either being poured on the child or sprinkled.

There are exceptions to that with Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics in that they traditionally submerge the infant in the baptismal font. This is characteristic of the Baptist and Born-Again Christians wherein if you are at an adult age when you accept Christ as your savior, the minister will immerse the adult completely in water. Typically, ceremonies of this nature are often held outdoors by a lake, pond, or even a stream.

As with any celebration of such an important event, family, friends and godparents wish to give a keepsake gift to the christening candidate that will mark the occasion and be cherished for years to come. A boy's christening gift, personalized by hand with initials or the date of the event is a perfect example of a gift that will be cherished by the recipent for years to come.

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