Choosing a Memorable Baby Gift

Choosing the perfect baby gift should be easy, but there are so many choices, at times the task can seem overwhelming. There is no reason to settle for the ordinary, however, especially when there are so many creative gifts to choose from. Just make sure to weigh your options to make sure you choose a gift that will be memorable and a cut above the rest.

If the baby is the couple’s first child, it’s a good idea to consider the needs of the couple first. Necessities like baby bedding, diapers, burp cloths, baby blankets, teething rings and baby bibs might not seem like the most exciting gifts, but when presented in an elaborate gift basket like those found at and, they can be presented as very attractive, memorable gifts.

Traditional silver baby gifts are always very popular. In order to make yours unique and memorable, try engraving a teething ring, baby rattle, porridge bowl or baby spoon with baby’s initials. Not only will engraved sterling silver make a stunning new baby gift, but more importantly, silver provides a lasting keepsake that can be passed down as an heirloom.

Furnishings and accessories for the new nursery are always welcome as a gift for the new baby. Firstly, find out what colors or theme the new baby’s nursery will be designed in and choose throw rugs, lamps, monogrammed pillows, even bedding to match. Many internet sites offer personalized step stools that can be painted to coordinate with the nursery décor. A framed chalkboard or fabric covered memory board / bulletin board can be just the added touch the new nursery needs. If you are feeling really creative, hire a local artist to paint original canvas wall art for the new nursery; nursery art always makes an unexpected , creative baby gift.

Every proud parent loves to display framed photos around the house of their new baby. Out of the ordinary choices can include hand painted frames with baby’s monogram or first name painted on the frame. Mix and match with baby’s nursery colors and they’ll be a welcome gift. Ceramic and silver choices are also available, many with attached ribbon for a fanciful touch.

When expense is an issue, choose a baby gift together with a group. Creative ideas include a monogrammed baby bag stuffed with diapers, fancy burp cloths, pacifiers and even a favorite stuffed animal for when mom needs to entertain baby. Many internet shops like feature elaborate diaper cakes which also make fine group gifts.

Lastly, an educational toy instead of the run of the mill variety can be an interesting choice, especially when researched on a site like and Give the new baby something that will entertain and stimulate their brain at the same time. Parents and child alike will be ecstatic.

Any of the choices included here make memorable gifts for the new baby. Whether given alone or with a group, just make sure your baby gift choice is creative and personal.

Posted by E Harrell 2/16/09

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