The term baptism is derived the Greek word that means immersing. It can also refer to ablution which is a form of cleansing in a sacramental sense. Generally speaking, most Christians are baptized when they are still infants. However, in the case of American Baptists, usually a person in that religion is not baptized until at an older age. Some Christians baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit. Others baptize in the name of Jesus Christ only.

Identifying baptism by desire enabled the person to be saved at death despite not having received the holy sacrament.

Today, there is an analogy that exists wherein baptism refers to a ceremony, experience, or trial wherein a person receives a name, is initiated, or is purified. So, it has become multi-faceted in definition.

As with any celebration of such an important event, family, friends and godparents wish to give a keepsake gift to the baptismal candidate that will mark the occasion and be cherished for years to come. A personalized baptism record recording the date, church, presiding priest or reverend and location of the event is a perfect example of a gift that will be cherished by the recipent for years to come.



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