Nursery Decor Ideas

Every new baby’s nursery comes with the excitement of choosing nursery décor. Whether for a boy or girl, the challenge can feel overwhelming at times … so many color choices and so many design options.

Initially, you should choose a nursery theme and then carry through with design elements that compliment the theme. Nursery art is a great choice to make the design come together. Following are themed ideas that, when combined with art, would make any nursery an inviting space for the new baby boy or girl.

Butterflies- little girls love them! There are so many bright color options to choose from. Yellows and greens, blues and reds; big, hand painted butterflies on the walls combined with flower accent wall art would make a stunning nursery environment.

Sailboats - perfect for the little boy’s room. Use primary colors here … red, white and blue. Add some striped rugs and gingham pillows in contrasting colors and you’ve got a great start. Sailcloth fabric would add a nice touch; personalized sailboat wall art would be a great finishing touch.

Daisies - another great choice for the baby girl. Paint big gerbera daisies on the walls … pink and orange flowers would make an interesting and unexpected color combination. Accent this with green painted leaves and stems.

Farm animals - an easy one for the new baby boy. There are so many choices here … puppies, ducks, goats and cows; just pick your favorites. Add some barn art, a red wagon and a painted picket fence on the wall and the new nursery is set.

Any of the above choices would make an exciting, attractive environment for the new baby. Just remember to include nursery art to make the room interesting and eclectic.

Nursery Art

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